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Gunnar Heuser, M.D. Ph.D. F.A.C.P.


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Testing Protocol

After EMF injury patients typically develop multi-system complaints.
Dr. Heuser has developed a comprehensive protocol which should help document that a given patient is or is not affected by EMF. This protocol is in part based on pilot experiments Dr. Heuser has done in patients who claimed ill effects from EMF, especially cell phone frequencies. His protocol includes the following:

· Interview of every patient with history and physical exam.

· Behavioral assessment by a test which addresses attention and reaction time (TOVA). This testing is already available and can be initiated immediately.

· Central Nervous System activity, to be measured with functional brain scans (SPECT, PET, functional MRI).

· Pulmonary function testing. This is already available in his office.

· Testing of immune function. This is also in place as a blood test. Some parameters of immune function have already been shown to be impaired from exposure to EMF (melatonin, heat shock protein and others).

· Pertinent other tests will be used as they become available.

· All tests are meant to pinpoint and objectively document the patient's complaints and to work through a differential diagnosis which will consider causes other than EMF exposure.

· History and pertinent records and test results will also be used to address causation (i.e. the cause of a given complaint).

Services Provided

· Office consultations including history and physical examination.

· Consultations by phone, skype, facetime.

· Review of records.

· Evaluation/documentation of emf injury including ehs in individuals and groups.

· Consultations with other specialists in their respective fields.

· Treatment.

· Consultation Reports. Dr. Heuser is actively engaged in research on the most recent developments in the field of EMF and EHS.

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